Flavio Betrayed - A Commedia

Age Recommendation

Recommended for ages 14+

Approximate Running Time

2 hrs 15 min



There is mild use of obscene or offensive language – see the list below for details.

*ss: spoken 2 times
H*ll: spoken 15 times
D*mn: spoken 8 times
Sh*t: spoken once



There is very little physical violence onstage, but there is often the threat of domestic violence and Percy’s recounting of the reason why she went to prison may be disturbing for young children.  There are several escalating verbal arguments between Caleb and Shelby – the last of which almost comes to blows.  Percy tells the story of her drunken stepfather’s sexual abuse, her resulting pregnancy, her miscarriage because her stepfather severely beat her, and how, after he kidnapped her, she murdered her stepfather.   


There is a romantic subplot between Percy and Joe, with romantic tension onstage between the two.

Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking

This show contains occasional social drinking and cigarette smoking.  Characters occasionally smoke cigarettes onstage and there is a celebration scene with characters drinking applejack (homemade hard cider).

What Families Can Talk About...

The Spitfire Grill provides a good opportunity to speak with young people about overcoming adversity and the power of forgiveness.