Guys & Dolls

Age Recommendation

Recommended for ages 12 and up. As a courtesy to our guests, children under the age of 5 will not be admitted.

Approximate Running Time

Act I: 65 minutes.
Intermission: 15 minutes.
Act II: 55 minutes.


There is very mild use of obscene or offensive language – see the list below for details. 

H*ll: spoken 3 times
Cr*ps: numerous (always in reference to the dice game)



This musical contains some physical violence and gun-play. Multiple punches are exchanged between characters throughout the show. One of the characters smashes a bottle of wine on another man's head. A gun is used as a threat to keep a gambling match going, but is never fired.


As the title of the show would suggest, there are many jokes, innuendos, and euphemisms regarding love, marriage, and sex. Most of this material is based on the leading pairs of Nathan & Adelaide and Sky & Sarah. Several characters are employed at a nightclub in Times Square. Many romantic kisses are exchanged onstage. There are also attitudes and societal norms expressed in the script and lyrics which can be viewed from a modern perspective as misogynistic. 

Drinkings, Drugs, and Smoking

The only alcohol consumed onstage occurs during the Havana sequence. There are several fruity tropical drinks containing vodka (called dulce de leche), as well as wine, drunk by characters onstage. 

Families Can Talk About...

Guys and Dolls provides a good opportunity to speak with young people about love, marriage, romantic complications, and vices, and in what ways attitudes towards these subjects have changed or stayed the same.