A Raisin in the Sun

Age Recommendation

Recommended for ages 17 and up. Intended for mature audiences. Contains strong language, explores mature themes, and references adult situations. As a courtesy to our guests, children under the age of 5 will not be admitted

Approximate Running Time

Act I: 45 minutes.
Act II: 45 minutes.
Act III: 45 minutes.
Intermission(s): 15 minutes. Location to be determined.



There is a heavy use of obscene or offensive language – see the list below for details.

B*tch: spoken 2 times
Chr*st: spoken 2 times
D*mn/G*dd*mn: spoken 7 times
F*gg*t: spoken 2 times
G*d: spoken 10 times
H*ll: spoken 11 times
L*rd: spoken 9 times
P*ssed: spoken once

A Raisin In The Sun also uses language that, while used at the time the play was written in the late 1950's, would be viewed today as racially charged and culturally insensitive, including the terms of "colored", "N*groes" and the N-word.



A Raisin In The Sun contains plenty of violent tension between members of the Younger family. Character references to violence include, but are not limited to, a rat beaten to death, a home being bombed, and a young boy whose face is injured by a sidewalk. There are also multiple instances of a woman slapping another person across the face. 



There are a few innuendos and several characters kiss onstage. A couple shares a romantic dance. A character considers getting an abortion.

Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking


There are references to drinking throughout the play. Characters drink and smoke onstage. There is also talk of a character wanting to invest in a liquor store, a source of tension for the characters in the play.

Families Can Talk About...

A Raisin In The Sun provides families with a good opportunity to discuss race relations and discrimination, the value of family, and the importance and significance of dreams and aspirations.