She Loves Me

Age Recommendation

Recommended for ages 12 and up. While there is no objectionable content, the material may not be entertaining for younger audiences. As a courtesy to our guests, children under the age of 5 will not be admitted.


Running Time

Act I: 90 minutes.
Intermission: 15 minutes.
Act II: 60 minutes.



There is only one instance of offensive language – see the list below for details.

H*ll: spoken once


There are no instances of violence onstage. However, there is an offstage gunshot, a reference to an accidental (and non-fatal) shooting, and a passing reference to a murder.



Though much of the action of the plot revolves around romance and dating, there is only a single reference to sex, including innuendos and double entendres. There are two kisses seen onstage, as well as references to an extra-marital affair.

Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking


Multiple characters consume alcohol throughout the show, and there are a couple of references to cigarettes, though none are smoked onstage.

Families Can Talk About...

She Loves Me provides families a good opportunity to discuss the importance of not making judgments about people based only on a first impression, and about how it is better to be honest and open with affairs of the heart.