Steel Magnolias

Age Recommendation


Approximate Running Time

2 hours 10 minutes


There is mild use of obscene or offensive language, mostly when either Felix or Oscar have lost their temper. – see the list below for details. 

H*ll: spoken 8 times
G*d/G*damn: spoken 5 times
D*mn/D*mmit: spoken 4 times


There is very little physical violence in the show – mostly comic scuffles between Felix and Oscar when they’ve lost their temper.  The two friends often bicker back and forth, which occasionally turn into shouting matches.  The show opens with a scene where all his friends are worried that Felix might have killed himself after getting kicked out by his wife, but it’s soon clear that Felix tends towards hysterics and is just fine.


Sexual references are limited to some jokes and innuendoes common to the 1960s.  The men make a few jokes at poker about having “girls on the side”.  During the dinner date, the ladies make some flirtatious jokes and innuendos.

Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking

This show contains mostly social drinking and smoking typical of the 1960s.  The guys smoke cigars and cigarettes and drink beer during poker night.  Scotch is occasionally used to “calm nerves.”  Cocktails are served and the ladies smoke cigarettes during the dinner date. 

Families Can Talk About...

The Odd Couple provides a good opportunity to speak with young people about friendship, relationships, and compromises made when people live together – whether they are married or roommates.