Superior Donuts

Age Recommendation

Recommended for ages 17 and up. Due to the heavy use of strong language, simulated violence, and other objectionable content, viewer discretion is advised; Mature audiences only.

Running Time

Act I: 80 minutes.
Intermission: 15 minutes.
Act II: 60 minutes.


There is a very heavy use of obscene or offensive language – see the list below for details.

*ss/*ssh*le: spoken 10 times
B*tch/S*n-*f-*-B*tch: spoken 6 times
Chr*st: spoken 6 times
C*ck: spoken once
D*mn/G*dd*mn: spoken 17 times
D**ch*b*g: spoken 6 times
F*ck/F*ck*ng/M*th*rf*ck*r: spoken 26 times
G*d: spoken 4 times
H*ll: spoken 3 times
J*sus: spoken 3 times
P*ssy: spoken 4 times (including graffiti)

There are also several remarks made by different characters that can be viewed as racially or culturally insensitive, especially to the African-American and Eastern European communities which many of the characters belong to.


Superior Donuts contains plenty of physical violence, most of which is mentioned in dialogue by certain characters, or occurs offstage. Character references to violence include, but are not limited to, domestic abuse, police brutality, and verbal threats. The climax of the play includes a brutal simulated fight that involves fisticuffs, grappling, wrestling, gouging, biting, and kicking. 


Sexual references are limited to only a couple of innuendo and one reference to Croatian pornography. There is also some romantic tension between Arthur and Randy, the female police officer that frequents the donuts shop.

Drinking, Drugs, and Smoking

Arthur smokes marijuana twice, this is only simulated. Vodka and beer are consumed during the second act, which results in some characters being inebriated throughout the scene.

Families Can Talk About...

Superior Donuts provides families with a good opportunity to discuss race relations, generation gaps, and the importance of having ambitions and passions. What goals are we willing to work toward? What are we willing to fight for?